**** Custom Designs, Basic Photo Touch Ups And Artsy Styles Offers ****

I will do custom themed designs for you. I will need the information of the type of theme you are wanting, # of photos needed to use to create
graphic (no more than 3 and must be large enough for editing/cropping), any names you want included on the graphic.
I can do most anything but I also specialize in Gothic/Rock/Emo, Steampunk and Native American themes. I can also do some cartoon themed graphics, as long as doesn't violate any copyrights and if and when I have the specific themes available. I will also do designs that include New Age/Wicca, Native American Spirituality, cultural themes (if I have the materials available, such as Asian, Indian etc). Customs cannot contain tubes per the TOU of tube artists.
I will not do custom designs that deal with the following: Politics, ProChoice/ProLife issues or anything dealing with supporting of racism, abortion, homophobia, illegal activites, graphic violence/sexual acts, hardcore drug use or anything controversial. I will do designs for
different religious/spiritual beliefs but nothing that degrades or disrespects other beliefs.
Custom banner/default theme price:
$5-7 (depending on how many photos - no more than 3)
Custom default theme price:
$3-5 (depending on how many photos - no more than 3)
All prices include basic photo touch up.
Photo Touch Ups:
You can see my photo touch ups in my albums. I can also do B&W as well as old vintage/antique photos as well.

Basic Touch Ups:
$2.00 each photo.
Bundle prices:
$5.00 for 3 photos.
$10.00 for 8 photos.
Full Touch Ups (includes eye shadow/lashes/skin smoothing/recoloring):
$2.50 each photo.
Bundle prices:
$6.00 for 3 photos.
$13.00 for 8 photos.

If you would like for different hair styles to be added to your photo make overs, it is $0.50 for each
hair style added per photo.
(For photo make overs with hair styles: your photos must be high quality, face forward, no make up and all hair
pulled back away from your face).
Photo Effects:
You can see these in my Photo Effects album.
$2.00 each photo.
Bundle prices:
$5.00 for 3 photos.
$10.00 for 8 photos.

Photo Restorations:

Pricing depends on how badly the photo is damaged and the time it takes to restore it. If I cannot restore it,
I will not charge you for it. But I am still willing to take the time to try.
Custom Facebook Make Overs:
Timeline Banner (up to 3 photos)
Default Profile Photo Layout (up to 3 photos)
Covers For Photo Albums (up to 20 covers)

*** For All Payments ***
I only accept Paypal.
Send payment via PayPal.com to:


Choose send money as "gift" or to friends/family (it asks differently sometimes - do NOT choose "buying something", it can cause
extra fees for one or both of us). When you are done, contact me on here in my inbox with all information and photos needed listed above.