About Me

I am a graphic designer and photo editor living in the Atlanta area.  I was once a professional photographer along with my late father but I only work on the digital and design end of that now. I still enjoy photography and may look into continuing it in the future.

My Art And Graphics
I do graphic designs and digital scrapbooking. Anything from Facebook timeline banners and profile tags or pics to desktop wallpaper. I also do photo re-touching, whether it is simple touch ups to remove blemishes or change lighting, to even adding make up. I can also do most photo restorations. I create and sell Digital Scrap Kits. 

You can see my design work and photo re-touches/restorations in the portfolios above. You can find the links to my other sites and online stores in the My Sites section.

*** Note: No custom scrap for hire project can include tubes (PSP tubed characters) per the tube artist's TOU. This doesn't apply to commercial (CU) clip art or tubes included in kits that IS allowed in graphics if the kit designer permits use for it. Contact me for any questions. ***